Hello and Welcome to GET DOWN!, the The Fanlistings Network approved & listed fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between CLAIRE REDFIELD & LEON S. KENNEDY, two of the main characters from the famous Resident Evil (jap. Biohazard バイオハザード3 ラストエスケープ ) videogame series as well as from the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration. Often lovingly abrieviated to "Cleon", this couple has drawn a large fan base. So if you happen to be a fan of their relationship too, wether the romantic or the platonic aspect of it, please consider joining this fanlisting. Don't know what a fanlisting is? Make sure to visit the site section to find out! Please take a look around and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. Have fun and enjoy your stay!


GET DOWN! was opened on 20th July 2009. It lists currently 74 fans from 36 countries with 0 waiting to be added. It was LAST UPDATED on 20th March 2018 when Jihan was added as the newest fan. Powered by Enthusiast.


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11/04/11 // New layout! Though I am not a huge fan of the Degeneration version of Leon, there are still a few images I like, so the one I used for this layout. I will make a RE2 / Darkside Chronicles related layout too, as soon as my creativity is back xD. I have also made a few new codes and updated the "Cleon" section :).
25/05/10 // GET DOWN! has moved to a new domain ♥.
30/11/09 // I made a new layout and some more codes in various sizes. Also, I've finally added some information about Claire and Leon ♥.
20/07/09 // GET DOWN! is up and running. I'm still over the moon I got approved to run this fanlisting ♥.