claire redfield

She comes to Raccoon City to find her missing brother, Chris. When she arrives, she discovers a city infested with zombies. Trying to escape this nightmare, Claire runs into Leon S. Kennedy who saves her life and team up with him. Along the way she gets separated from him again. While she makes her way through the police station, she meets a little girl named Sherry. Slowly getting behind of whats happening in the city, she finally manages to escape from the nightmare of Raccoon City together with Sherry and Leon.
Some months later, Claire is caught in Paris after a unsuccessful infiltration of Umbrella's medical branch and brought to Rockfort Island. When the island is attacked, she escapes and tries to find a way to leave together with Steve Burnside, another prisoner. They escape only to find themselves in another of Umbrella's secret labs in Antarctica. Eventually, Claire is saved by her brother Chris and together they are leaving the Antarctica.

leon s. kennedy

A young cop on his first day on the job. He oversleeps and is too late what saves him from the virus outbreak. When he arrives, he finds Raccoon City overrun by the zombies. On his way to the police station, he meets Claire. After being separated from her again, he runs into a mysterious woman in red named Ada. While they make their way to Umbrella's underground labs, he realizes that Ada is not what she pretends to be... Eventually, he can escape from the nightmare of Raccoon City together with Sherry and Claire.
Six years later, now working for the US government, he is sent on a mission to europe to find the president's missing daughter. Her kidnappers turn out to be part of the cult known as Los Illuminados, controlling parasites calles Las Plagas. Leon meets Ada again and with her help, he succeeds in rescuing Ashley Graham and gets her home again safely.


They meet in a zombie infested town, not knowing what is going on. Leon saves Claire from the zombies and the two team up. Though they get seperated again soon and meeting other people on their way, they always stay in contact and let each other know what's going on. They meet again at the end and manage to not only defeat the final enemy, they also can escape with Sherry successfully. After Raccoon City, Claire is going to Europe to continue the search for her lost brother Chris while Leon stays in the USA. When Claire got arrested on Rockfort Island, it is Leon she contacts to let him know where she is. Leon then sends her brother to the island to save Claire. Though they may not spend much time together, they found a loyal and trustworthy partner in each other. After the Raccoon City incident, they keep the contact and even the fact they have decided to follow different groups (as shown in Resident Evil: Degeneration), they still share a close friendship, maybe they also feel more for each other than they are showing...